Thanks to the tenacious efforts of our team, loving volunteers and generous donors we have been able to build the foundation for the listen by heart project. If you also want to help this loving group of people, please checkout our list below to see what kind of resources we need to march on!

Ma:D     BanPu     MV     Udon Deaf School     BKK deaf school

Sponsor a video

Deaf students react very well to the videos in our A-Z series. But because the production cost of each video is 30,000 THB we need your help to create 26 videos for all letters of the alphabet.

For every 15,000 THB donation we can create a new video, because who makes them offered to put up 15,000 THB as well.

Thanks to the support of an anonymous donor and BanPu Champions for Change#6 we have already raised 75,000 THB to produce 5 videos. Now there's 320,000 THB left to go.

If you would like to sponsor a video, please give us a call. We would love to hear from you :)

As individuals - Volunteers

  • Become part of Listen by Heart
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Help collaborating with organisations
  • Help creating awareness

As Companies

  • If you can offer jobs for deaf

ASL Expert (Volunteer)

  • Need ASL person to come spend sometimes with kids
  • Give ideas
  • Study camp