American Sign Language learning support for the Deaf


Did you know that sign languages are different in every country?

For example the Deaf in Thailand speak the Thai Sign Language, which is different from the American Sign Language. Even within Thailand there are regional dialects and each school has its own accent.

This is a problem. Just like with vocal languages, the biggest communities, job opportunities and educational materials are in English, which for the Deaf is The American Sign Language (ASL).

But currently, there is no school in Thailand that teaches ASL.

A world of connections

Listen by Heart helps people learn the more commonly used American Sign Language, which is now spoken by more than 2 millions people around the world. This will give them access to the biggest international Deaf communities, better job opportunities and educational materials.

Magical Explainer Videos

Working with teachers and students in the Deaf community for the past year, Listen by Heart developed a hand-drawn video style that is exceptionally well suited for the learning requirements of the deaf.

Because the Deaf have much better developed vision, they respond best to the natural movements of a stop motion video compared to computer animated graphics which can feel artificial without the support of sound effects.

From A-Z

As our first project Listen by Heart is developing educational videos and coloring books in collaboration with that teach the ASL alphabet, from A-Z and are available for free on our website

Step 2 will include the development of a practical skills course for work, life and leisure.

In step 3, students that have gone through the previous steps will be connected with students of collaborating ASL schools, allowing people from different part of the world to communicate and learn from each other.

In step 4, we will collaborate with companies to create job opportunities for the deaf by developing Deaf friendly economies with a focus on Hotels and coffee shops that want to attract the international and local Deaf communities.

Most importantly we are here to support the Thai Deaf community. We will continue to come up with new and creative ways to do this and if you want to help we'd love to hear your ideas.

How you can help

To support the Deaf community as best we can, we need your help. That's why we are currently looking for volunteers, project managers, sponsors and companies with Deaf job opportunities.

To read more about how you can help click: COLLABORATE!